What Do You Do If You’re Caught In A Riot?

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Uncategorized

The growing decay in personal respect is leading to more unrest and violent attacks on a level many of us never dreamed of before.

Scenes of young people cussing and spitting at cops, hitting senior citizens with bricks, and robbing unconscious victims are more commonplace than ever before.

What can you do if you find yourself in the middle of a riot? First, use try your best to be aware of your surroundings so that you can maybe see a bad situation escalating and use distance as your defense before it gets dangerous. Get out of Dodge.

10 and 2

Do your best to keep your surroundings in your 10 and 2. Like a clock, 10 and 2 is what you can see in front of you and in your peripheral vision. The funnel of light from a lighthouse in the dark is like you’re 10 and 2. 


If you can escape safely, do not hesitate to put as much distance between you and the escalating mob.


If you can’t escape, evading the danger would include looking for good hiding spots. I say evade, but it’s not a matter of hiding for the entire riot. If you can, that may be the best decision. Odds are though, in a fluid situation, hiding spots may be temporary.

When assessing a hiding spot, understand the difference between cover and concealment. Cover is hiding behind, under, or inside something that will stop a bullet. A cement wall is a good example. 

Concealment is a hiding place that hides you but doesn’t protect you. Hiding behind a curtain or drywall may prevent someone from seeing you, but it won’t stop a bullet.

Once hidden, you have to decide if this is a safe place to hide and ride it out, or it’s a temporary refuge so you have to look for your next spot.

Blend In

You may be able to blend in with the crowd. “May” is the key word. If you have a MAGA shirt on in an Anti-fa riot, blending in may not be possible.

If you can blend in, walk with the crowd, and mimic their body language. Do not try to change their minds or reason with them. Just play undercover ninja until you can break away safely. Ride the horse in the direction it’s going.

Make sure you don’t over-act and actually commit violence or break any laws. It will be hard to convince law enforcement that you were just going along to be safe.

Always, use your 10 and 2 to assess potential threats.


Even if you have a gun or pepper spray, it’s probably best you keep it concealed when you are surrounded by an unsuspecting mob. 

If you blend in and walk with the crowd until you see an escape, you are less apt to draw attention than if you pulled out a gun or started pepper spraying the mob. 

You may get one or two, but the consequences could be deadly. Of course, if you are attacked, do whatever is necessary to eliminate the threat.


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