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One of the most negative outcomes of the pandemic is that stressed-out customers and patrons are verbally or physically abusing frontline employees. It seems like the front-line is now more like a firing-line. 

44% of McDonald’s employees have been
verbally or physically abused for enforcing masking rules.

Ego and Anger in Verbal Defense Training 

The first lesson in tactical communications is to remove your ego from the conversation. Your ego will get you into big trouble.  

How many hospital emergency rooms, gravesites, and jail cells are full because of someone’s ego-driven reaction to a verbal slight, insult, or road rage? You cannot be a good communicator if you always need to feed or protect your delicate ego.

 In most frontline encounters the most volatile ingredients are the ego and anger of the customer.

Verbal Self Defense Training Demonstration
Verbal Defense Training Instructors Demonstration


Our Verbal Defense for Employees teaches the tactical communication skills that are proven to help de-escalate verbal confrontations.

Anyone can talk, but not everyone knows how to communicate tactically. We teach the communication skills that we all wish had been taught back in school.

Ego is the fuel of anger and the enemy of successful verbal defense.

 Anger usually has some steps to activate. The longer you can keep your ego in check, the lower the chance of getting angry.

 Before you can become a tactical communicator, you have to make sure your ego and temper is in march step and in your control.

 Odds are that the customer yelling at you is a slave to their ego and anger, so it’s imperative that you master your ego and anger.

 I imagine it’s rare that a customer starts their day thinking, “I can’t wait to yell at the clerk at the store!” The truth is, some people are just angry at the world.

 Our society has become an, “I want it now!” one-click gratification culture. Combined with the anonymity of being able to insult and complain on social media without serious consequences people seem more unhinged than ever.

 Anger is often a build-up of events going back as far as an abusive childhood to a series of bad luck events that a person uses as fuel for anger directed at an innocent employee. 

 You never know what worldview a person has, or what kind of life they live when they walk through their front door at home.

No one can make you angry without your permission. No one has your emotional remote control that they can use to “push your buttons.” You can not take it personally. 

 This verbal defense training class will help you to put on a face to meet the faces you’re going to encounter.


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