Speaking skills lands John Graden on the Dr. Oz Show.

In support of my book, The Impostor Syndrome, I recorded and posted a short video on How to Build Self-Confidence on YouTube.

The next day, I was contacted by someone who said “I’m a friend of Dr. Oz. You’re an excellent speaker. People need to hear your message. I’m sure I can get you on the Dr. Oz Show.”

Six months later, my wife and I were in New York for my guest spot on The Dr. Oz Show.

I’ll teach you the speaking skills that put me in this picture.

What you will learn in these Presentation Skills Workshops

Maximize Your Personal Brand

Your brand is what people think about you when they think about you. Confident. Well-spoken. Smart.

Conquer Your Internal Dialogue

Learn how to defeat the doubts and shame of your internal dialogue. Learn high level personal and public speaking skills to create clarity and influnce.

Learn the Skills of Persuasion

 This training will give you a clear understanding of how speaking skills increase your ability to persuade.


Communication Skills for Leaders

You’ll learn how create and convey passion and intensity to become a more effective leader for your school, your students, and your family.


Training the Trainers

Turn your training classes into enjoyable, informative, and highly productive experiences.


Create Emotional Impact

The most engaging level of influence is emotional, not logical. Learn how to connect your message to a powerful emotional state. 

Who is this training for? Anyone who wants
more control, confidence, and influence.

Well trained speakers appear confident in almost any situation.

  • The programs range from Basic Public Speaking to Intermediate and Advanced Workshops.
  • These classes are interactive and engaging. This is NOT another PowerPoint class.
  • Private training and profession-specific training is also available. Just contact us with any questions.
Executives and CEOs

Before: Stiff and uninspired message.

After: Fire up your team to boost morale and increase results


Before: Lacks credibility to communicate and influence

After: Presents with confidence formally or informally while building a personal brand

Medical Professionals

Before: Stuck in clinical delivery style in hopes of appearing “Professional”

After: Gain the skills language skills that convey caring and understanding


Before: Fails to take advantage of media exposure to build fan-based

After: Knows how to create fans for life by looking and sound great on camera


Before: Lacks experience and skill when speaking to media or audiences

After: Builds a huge fan based by making powerful emotional connections with readers

Front Desk Personal

Before: Lacks skills to effectively deal with difficult people or to influence supervisors

After: Learns the actions, attitude, and appearance to elevate performance and increase positive influence


Before: Unsure of how to influence with authority and reduce conflict

After: Clear on the communication skills to influence and control without conflict or blame


Before: Has difficulty translating knowledge into credible actionable and teachable skills

After: Easily sees and addresses client activity patterns and attitudes


Before: Fact-based analysis

After: Creates emotional contact with clients, judges, and juries


Before: Struggles to maintain control and student engagement

After: Has clear strategies for classroom control and inspiring students

Seminar Leaders and Trainers

Before: Technical delivery that covers the topic in a forgettable fashion

After: Engages class and delivers actionable results

First Responders

Before: Lacks the ability to navigate barriers to help people in emergency situations.

After: Has a toolbox of proven, effective communication skills that conv.ey caring and comfort


Before: Lacks proven strategies of communication to guide and influence employees

After: Has the communication and influencing skills to motivate teams effectively


Before: Stuck in a one-size-fits-all communication style

After: Delivers credible and specific coaching with authority


Before: Lacks clear skills to increase influence and build a personal brand

After: Takes control of the actions, appearance, and attitudes that impact perception from the market

Security Guards

Before: Has to “wing it” with little preparation on controlling confrontational communications.

After: Uses clear and concise language that helps keep a potential confrontation under control.

John Graden has taught and presented on three continents.

Move your influence from information to inspiration

A small sample of what you will learn.

  • How to get your butterflies to fly in formation.
  • How to communicate with credibility and authority.
  • How to prepare and present technical information effectively. (PowerPoint.)
  • How to present on video.
  • How to look and sound your best in virtual conferences and presentations.
  • Dealing with tough questions.
  • Fearless speaking on the fly.
  • How to speak with ease under pressure.
  • How to use humor effectively.
  • Mastering media appearances.
  • Creating slideshows with impact.
  • Tips, tricks, and techniques for conducting engaging presentations.
  • Proven formulas for specific presentations.
  • How to plant sub-conscious messages into your presentation.
  • Much, much more…

Media Coverage Includes

Everyone needs a coach.

Studies show that 70% of adults say that public speaking is a bigger stress than dying.

70% of employed Americans who give presentations agree that presentation skills are critical to their success at work, according to a new Prezi survey. –Forbes

John Graden

High-Performance SPEAKING Coach

Some of the Schools I’ve Worked With

“John Graden is an excellent speaker and black belt level trainer.” – Brian Tracy

“John Graden has consistently been the most popular speaker and trainer we’ve brought from the state. He has a great way of making everyone comfortable and excited to learn.”

Matt Fiddes–MF International

Former body guard for Michael Jackson

“We have hired John Graden on a number of occasions and he consistently is one of our most popular and effective leadership educators. We highly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Dr. Jerry Beasley

Professor, Radford University

Upcoming Workshops

January 21, 2020


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  • Craft your message to speak directly to the needs of your audience.
  • Eliminate the bad habits that weaken your message.
  • Learn proven formulas for specific presentations.
  • Easily give yourself a confidence boost before making any speech or presentation

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“John Graden connects in a unique one-on-one, hands-on manner that likely stems from his decades of martial arts instruction. He thoroughly engages everyone in the class which increases active participation by all. He introduces and reinforces the principles of his workshop in a way that is absent in typical lecture-style public speaking seminars. This unique style aids in the retention of the material and helps participants quickly incorporate what they learn. I wholeheartedly recommend John Graden’s speaking workshops.”  

– Raj Misra, Government attorney, Florida Department of Health


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