Employee Safety & Self-Defense

Stressed-out customers assaulting employees.

We teach simple, effective tactics for employees to defend against verbal or physical abuse.

What We Teach

Verbal Self Defense

How to use communication skills to prevent, deescalate or deter a possible assault.

We teach employees the Verbal Defense skills to “align and redirect.”

Pre-Attack Indicators

Learn the gestures, movements, and language patterns that can signal an impending physical attack. 

Recognize warning signs to defuse a situation fast.

Distance Control

Distance is your best defense, but if you can’t leave, you still can control the distance to drastically reduce the threat of a physical attack.

Improvised Weapons

In every home, school, or workplace, there are everyday items that can be used to reduce the threat and quickly give the employee the advantage.

This course was awesome! I learned so many things. John was amazing and made the class fun and enjoyable. Highly recommend this course.

Shakela Swinton

Out-Patient Therapist, Chrysalis Health

John Graden was amazing. Loved the class and all the detail he shared with us. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to be on their safety game.

Julia Lombardo

Realtor, Lombardo Real Estate

Verbal Defense to Align and Redirect

Your employees will learn how to turn potential chaos into cooperation with verbal skills, body language, and distance control (proximity).

We teach employees the Verbal Defense skills to “align and redirect.” This helps the employee to show respect and dignity, even if it’s faked to reduce the threat.

Pre-Attack Indicators

Employees will learn the gestures, movements, and language patterns that can signal an impending physical attack as much as 30-seconds in advance.

These are important behavior cues that alert the employee that a situation is escalating into conflict, crisis and possible combat.

Hotel worker attacked by guests.

The Threat Spectrum

Our program is based on law enforcement defensive tactics that are taught in the Police Academy.

This is a perfect fit for your employees because the overriding principle is to reduce the threat early.

They will learn professional restraint and control to minimize harm to themselves and the antagonizer.


John Graden

John Graden specializes in teaching a unique self-defense program that gives students the same skills and realistic training experience that police cadets go through in a police academy.

He is also a World Champion Kickboxer and was dubbed the Martial Arts’ Teacher of Teachers by Martial Arts World magazine.

The author of many best-selling books on self-development including The Impostor Syndrome, John’s unique program empowers audiences with his proven strategies of success and self-defense.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I invest time and money into self-defense?

People who feel safer are less prone to stress, which is the number one factor in many illnesses and a leading cause of on-the-job accidents. 

Is their physical contact in class?

Real self-defense is 98% mental. Verbal self-defense, pre-attack indicators, and over a dozen other important skills do not require any contact or to even get close to another person. 

Can someone get hurt in class?

Safety is our number one concern, so while people can get hurt doing pretty much anything, our programs have so few actual physical exchanges that any kind of injury is rare.

Does this include active shooter training?

Our active shooter training is a completely separate program. However, if you’d like to add this to the presentation, we can certainly do that. It will take an extra 90-minutes and a $750 fee. It’s usually a $1,000 fee but it’s discounted if you combine the two workshops.

What are some of the benefits to our company?

Many companies are using our classes for team building because we teach decision making under stress. Employees also feel more confident about their ability to deal with confrontation and their loyalty increases to the company for looking out for their safety.

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