Employee Verbal-Defense and Safety

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Employee Defense Training Program

One of the most negative outcomes of the pandemic is that stressed-out customers and patrons are verbally or physically abusing frontline employees.

It seems like the front-line is now more like a firing-line. 

The Three Fights You Face

Fight 1–Verbal-Defense

This is the verbal engagement that often precedes any potential attack, but not always. However, this is the most common confrontation employees will face.  We will teach them proven verbal skills how to keep most situations non-violent.

employee attacked for no straw

Fight 2–Self-Defense

If your employee is not prepared to handle the verbal abuse, the situation can escalate to an assault. Usually, the customer engages, but many poorly trained employees initiate the fight because they have no response training to fall back on.

Stress employee in lawsuit

Fight 3–Legal Defense

Fight 3 is the fight your company will have in court for at least the next year. Hundreds of thousands of dollars and time in jail may be spent defending against the lawsuits that will come out of Fight 2. 

Verbal-Defense and Self-Protection

Fight 1–Verbal-Defense

Our Verbal-Defense for Employees teaches the tactical communication skills that are proven to help de-escalate verbal confrontations.

Anyone can talk, but not everyone knows how to communicate tactically. 

We teach the communication skills that we all wish had been taught back in school.

Skills taught include:

1. Defining Hostile Language

2. Strategies to Align and Redirect

3. De-Escalation Tactics

Verbal Self Defense Training Demonstration by instructors

Verbal Defense Training Instructors Demo 

Verbal-Defense and Self-Protection

Fight 2–Self-Defense

Verbal Self Defense Training Demonstration by instructors

The switch from verbal to physical can happen in less than one-second

Employees need to know how to recognize, avoid, and defend against a physically hostile person.

We’ll address common self-defense mistakes and misconceptions so employees know what they can do to stay safe.

Skills taught include:

1. Detecting Pre-Attack Indicators

2. The Single Best Defensive Tactic

3. How to Use the Environment for Protection

Verbal-Defense and Self-Protection

Fight 3–Legal Defense

In the heat of a verbal or physical altercation, the last thing an employee is thinking about is the legal consequences of them defending themselves.

Their response to an attack could well land them in jail facing charges and massive legal bills. Not to mention, lawsuits against the employer.

Skills taught include:

1. Defining the Law of Self-Defense

2. When Self-Defense Become Self-Offense

3. The Elements of Self-Defense

3 attorneys staring at camera

A 3-second fight can lead to a 3-year legal war.

Verbal-Defense and Self-Protection

The Instructor: John Graden

John Graden is an expert self-defense instructor certified in Law Enforcement Based COBRA-Defense System.

John has been teaching self-defense for four decades on three continents. 

He is a bestselling author and has been profiled on The Dr. Oz Show, The Wall Street Journal, and many other major media outlets.


Veteran Self-Defense Instructor John Graden

Verbal-Defense and Self-Protection

Course Content

This is not a BORING PowerPoint Slide Show.

We’ll use zero-impact defensive tactics, scenario training, and analysis of real-life video incidents.

Training Covers

  • How this training provides better customer service.
  • Learn tactics to prevent a verbally abusive situation from escalating.
  • How to deal with sarcastic questions, anger, and verbal abuse.
  • How to recognize and respond to pre-attack indicators.
  • How to utilize your environment for self-protection.
  • Know what to do and how to do it when the situation escalates to physical.
  • How to protect yourself without going too far.
  • How to mitigate liability if the situation gets physical.
  • How to explain how and why you responded.

Verbal-Defense and Self-Protection

Why This is Important

When you need self-defense, NOTHING ELSE WILL DO. In a deadly force situation, your survival instantly becomes the most important thing in the world.

If your employee is attacked and injured, the fact that you provided self-defense and safety training in advance may reduce your liability against civil lawsuits.

Talk is cheap, but a physical self-protection class is a clear signal that you value their safety. This is a true employee benefit, just like insurance.

Even if your employee never has to use these skills, the fact that you have prepared them is a massive confidence booster in all areas of life, not just work.

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