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The 3 Fights

The 3 Fights

Excerpt from John Graden's upcoming book, Choose Your Battles Wisely. A high school student gets verbally bullied in the locker room. I’ll call him Joe, which is not his real name, though this is a real story. Joe responds to the verbal abuse by punching the bully in...

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Verbal Defense Training for Employees

Learn About Our Verbal Defense Training Programs One of the most negative outcomes of the pandemic is that stressed-out customers and patrons are verbally or physically abusing frontline employees. It seems like the front-line is now more like a firing-line.  44% of...

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Pre-Attack Indicators for Employees

Learn some of the indicators of hostile intent.     A pre-attack indicator is an unconscious telegraph indicating hostile intent. The antagonist doesn’t purposefully make these gestures. They originate in the sub-conscious, much like your mind and body go into...

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