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John Graden is the “Teacher of Teachers!” — Martial Arts World Magazine

John Graden transformed the martial arts school business from the back alley to main street when he created the first professional association and trade journal for the martial arts school industry.

The 20,000 martial arts school owners in the U.S. were firmly steeped in their traditions, but he was able to motivate, educate, inspire them to take massive action to improve their schools and succeed instead of struggle.


John Graden has designed a powerful 10-week
one-on-one coaching program unlike any other.

Why Group Coaching with John Graden 
is the New Dojo for Success


There’s Power in Numbers

Virtual Group Coaching allows you to leverage the mentoring experience of John Graden and the other members of the group. This is a far superior experience compared to traditional one-on-one coaching. 

There’s Safety in Numbers

It’s a great feeling to know that you’re not alone and you have a dedicated group of peers and a coach who are all committed to helping you grow. Share your wins and team up to solve your challenges.

Go Wide and Deep

This program positions you to tap into the collective knowledge and experience of your entire peer group in addition to that of John Graden. 


You can work through challenges in a group setting, with the benefit of being able to explore the challenge from multiple perspectives and interpretations.


Coaching peers share much more than their business cards. Your peers share their experience, systems, and support.


This unique group coaching dynamic creates a highly motivating positive peer pressure and accountability. 

Learn how to solve every business challenge you’re facing. From tuition to curriculum and everything in between, we’ve got you covered.


Everyone Needs a Coach

Each week, you’ll have a one-on-one call with Mr. Graden. He will not just teach you but guide you shoulder-to-shoulder.

He will have assignments for you to complete and share with him. He will take a deep dive into your current situation and guide you to where you want to get to.

Join him for life-transforming coaching and high-performance training.

You’ll get new strategies to help you stay focused and gain confidence and momentum in every area of life each week. 

Mr. Graden will help you take a deeper dive into the importance of understanding risk/reward ratio.

Do you feel like you have more in you than you are showing the world?

Mr. Graden will create a custom accountability program to achieve the goals that you set with his help and guidance.

Whether it’s business or personal, it’s easy to fall into ruts and routines that become a comfort zone but not a productive zone.

If you feel you could accomplish much more in your life but are unclear on how to move forward, John Graden will help you to fulfill your potential.

Areas of Focus

Clarity of Purpose

Everything starts with gaining clarity of what you are doing and where it is taking you. Together, we’ll gain clarity and create congruence with your purpose


Learn how to defeat the doubts and shame of your internal dialogue. Learn high level personal and public speaking skills to create clarity and influnce.


Learn the difference between bold and being foolish with critical decision making strategies based by risk/reward ratio evaluations.


You’ll learn how create and convey passion and intensity to become a more effective leader for your school, your students, and your family.



Learn the tried and true habits of getting things done each day and eliminate distractions and stay focused on your high return activities.

Energy and Health

The quality of your life is directly influenced and limited by your overall energy and health. Together, we’ll help you gain more energy and mental clarity.

High-Performance Coach

A world Champion Kickboxer, John Graden was dubbed the Teacher of Teachers after he created the first professional association and trade journal for the martial industry.

The author of many of the best selling books on martial arts business and personal development including The Impostor Syndrome, John teaches his life-changing success strategies in his seminars, books, and online training.

“John Graden was an excellent guest on my show. His books and information are valuable. I look forward to working with him again.” – Dr. Oz

Schools I’ve Worked With

Media I’ve Worked With

“Your ability to realize your full potential requires that you release your ‘mental brakes.’ John Graden’s excellent book, The Impostor Syndrome shows you how to eliminate self-sabotage on the road to success.”

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy International

“We have hired John Graden on a number of occasions and he consistently is one of our most popular and effective leadership educators. We highly recommend him and look forward to working with him in the future.”

Dr. Jerry Beasley

Professor, Radford University

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