John Graden
Self-Defense and
Personal Power

Nothing builds confidence like knowing you can protect yourself

john graden, master self defense instructor

John Graden, Master Self-Defense Instructor

Author of, The Impostor Syndrome and
Choose Your Battles Wisely

Are you worth more
then your smartphone?

Most people spend more money protecting their smart-phone than they do for their personal safety.

How would your confidence and sense of personal power grow if you learned:

  1. Enhanced Situational Awareness
  2. Verbal-Defense
  3. De-Escalation Tactics
  4. Detecting Pre-Attack Indicators
  5. The Single Best Defensive Tactic
  6. How to Use the Environment for Protection
  7. Understanding the Law of Self-Defense


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John Graden teaching women's self defense day class

Young Adult

Self-Defense Empowers
Young adults on their own for the first time learn the skills they need to avoid dangerous situations and criminal attack.


Active Shooter Response Plan

What’s Your Plan?

Our Active Shooter Response Plan is an interactive step-by-step law enforcement-based response plan. 

realtor showing home to bad guy

Real Estate Agent Safety

Crime by Appointment

Meeting strangers in remote locations can be dangerous. I teach specific strategies that are unique to real estate agents.

3 kids in a bullying program


Your Family Plan for Safety
In these popular seminars, children learn how to prevent abduction, protect themselves and deal with bullies.

Employee gets slapped by angry customers

Employee Safety Training

Protect Your Frontline

One negative outcome of the pandemic is that stressed-out customers are verbally or physically abusing employees.

custom self-defense and safety programs sign

Custom Programs

One Size Does Not Fit All

We have more programs such as security guard training, or anti-abduction seminars. We also can custom create training for you and your organization.

How can I help you

learn how to protect yourself and your family the easy way. 

John Graden with dr oz
john graden in wall street journal and Dr. Oz Show

John Graden has been profiled by hundreds of media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, Arts & Entertainment Network, and the Dr. Oz Show.

Free Consultation

Email or call us so that we can discuss what program is best for your needs.

Free Power Class

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No Experience Needed

We do not expect you to have any martial arts or self-defense background.

Safety is Number One

Rule one is to always practice in school zone speed for safety.

kids in self defense class
kids in self defense class
John Graden teaches military self defense class
teaching high school self defense
women defense against knife in self defense class


What John Graden teaches

We teach the COBRA-Defense system which is based upon the same training that cadets receive when they go through the Police Academy. 

While martial arts plays a part in this program, it not a martial arts-centric program. 

This is a complete self-defense system covering both the mental and physical aspects of self-defense with a unique emphasis on scenario training.

pre-attack indicators book cover

Pre-Attack Indicators

Learn common pre-attack indicators with real-life video.

reporter interviews john graden


What our clients say

Sidney Burns

John Graden is who you need to go to for all your self defense needs. He also does the C.A.P. Program, it is the only program of its kind in the industry, and a must for your children. I highly recommend USA Self-Defense!

Joe Robaina

John Graden is a world class presenter and the Child Abduction Prevention program is the only of its kind and absolute best in the industry. Outstanding!

Julia Lombardo

John Graden was amazing. Loved the class and all the detail he shared with us. I would recommend him to anyone wanting to be on their safety game.

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