Avoiding the The Trance of Society

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Circuit City - by Ed Yourdon via FlickrDespite the gloom and doom headlines in the media about people losing jobs and the notion that we’re facing the worse economic crisis since the Great Depression, my job in this book is to help you realize that you are surrounded by opportunity.  In fact, there’s more opportunity in our world today than there ever has been and I’m going to show you how to capitalize on those opportunities.

The first step in learning to recognize and take advantage of opportunities is to snap yourself out of the hypnotic trance of society.  When a hypnotist takes someone into hypnosis, they use words and very specific scripts that are designed and proven to guide the subject into hypnosis.  Often it is a very deep level of hypnosis.  In hypnosis people are more receptive to suggestions because a hypnotist talks directly to the subconscious mind.  I say this because all of us have been hypnotized.  All of us spend part of our day in a hypnotic trance.

The induction for this hypnotic trance of society starts when we’re young, our formative years.  It’s through that period of time that the authority figures in our life begin to hypnotize us or program us.  And the programming that I’m talking about, the trance of society, is one you’ve heard over and over again which is to go to school, get good grades so you can go to a good college, get a degree and then secure a good job, so you can work for thirty years and work for someone else and then retire and move to Florida and make my traffic crowded.

The reality is that about three-quarters of all millionaires are small business owners. These are people who snap themselves out of that trance and create a life rather than make a living.  All the advantages of the land of opportunity, America, are for the small business owner.  The small business owner spends money and is able to deduct money.  The money that he spends is before taxes because he’s allowed to make deductions on behalf of his business.

This increases the buying power of every dollar.  The reverse of that is the plight of the employee.  The employee is only able to spend money after taxes.  All the taxes are taken from the employee’s paycheck prior to the employee receiving the check.

As an employee you have to generate a hundred dollars in order to get sixty-five dollars back after taxes.  However, a small business person, is able to spend that one hundred dollars for the full value of one hundred dollars before taxes.  That’s a huge advantage and that’s why, if you are able to create a small business for yourself, you must do it.

My job in this book is not just to help you create personal wealth but to help you to recognize, see and take advantage of the many opportunities that you’re surrounded with everyday despite the gloom and doom and the headlines about people losing their jobs  (CUTS OFF)

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Success Coach John Graden the author of “The Art of Marketing Without Marketing” and is an inductee into the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame and the Million Dollar Authors Club.


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Success Coach John Graden the author of "The Art of Marketing Without Marketing" and is an inductee into the Self-Publishing Hall of Fame and the Million Dollar Authors Club.